Becca is absolutely and truly amazing. Before starting with Becca I had a preconceived notion of what yoga is - that it’s just exercise. But it is so much more than that. Yoga is the powerful vehicle that Becca uses to create transformations in your mindset, health, and even business. I have a hectic lifestyle with three kids, four dogs, jobs, and starting a business. Being constantly interrupted, I’ve been struggling with focus and energy. With just a few techniques she was able to ground me in my chaos, calm my anxiety, and show me how to focus on the tasks at hand and being in the present moment. I’ve also been severely out of alignment with my true self and have been desperately searching for my passion and purpose. Her techniques helped me find the clarity I’ve been searching for and I’m finally finding my center. I never thought all of this was possible through yoga. I’m completely wowed by Becca’s ability to guide mindset shifts. And her calming energy is so addicting! I’m so glad I found Becca and so grateful she guided me out of my mind and inwards to find my true self.
— Amy, California

Becca, you have such a love and passion for improving your health and soul and finding peace with everything. I Know for years you tried hard to show me that by getting me to a yoga class, but finally you did. I enjoyed it tremendously and love how it made me feel and am going to continue to work on my practice and improving my life. I know life brings many struggles and stressors and this is one way to work through hard issues. Thanks for your passion and love. Continue with what you love. This will help many who may be struggling.
— Margaret, Maryland, USA

Becca has the brightest, most beautiful personality, and she brings that energy and benevolence to all that she does. It’s always a joy to be in her presence, and to follow her lead in movement and intention!
— Mary Ella, Maryland USA

Insightful advice, and a meaningful message! Providing mental, physical, and spiritual health guidance with intention. 10/10
— Joe, Colorado, USA

I had the pleasure of attending my very first yoga class, instructed by Becca Rich! With much trepidation, having no experience with yoga, I had no idea what to expect. To my joy and surprise, after spending a full hour doing poses (I think that’s what they are called 😉) my body was taken on a physically amazing journey of stretches, movements, thoughtful reflections and some deep breathing exercises to complete the program. Albiet a bit challenging for my first time, Becca chose many welcoming, physically doable poses so my intimidation level was immediately put at ease. Upon completion, my body felt fantastic and my mind motivated to take what I experienced home with me to Maryland in hopes of continuing a weekly class and also in hopes of finding an instructor who takes the fear of the unknown out of the yoga equation and breaks it down beyond just fancy poses, but actually incorporates the true healing of minds as well as bodies. So for anyone whose ever thought about, but never felt comfortable giving yoga a try...I would encourage you to reach out to Becca for any questions, suggestions or guidance on where to begin, because it truly was a positive and wonderful first experience.
— Theresa, Maryland, USA