You'll be ready to do yoga at home after reading these nine steps

So, you want to start yoga at home?

You want to touch your toes, move better throughout the day, and feel so good…you can’t help checking yourself out in the mirror. You also want to be more level-headed and relaxed while stuck in traffic or when your partner inevitably loads the dishwasher wrong. And you want to do yoga at home. So you can get better before you step foot in a public yoga class.

I am with you. But practicing yoga at home presents some challenges too…

You’ll have to figure out what poses to do, or you’ll need to find a video that doesn’t move too fast.
You’ll need a yoga mat, blanket, blocks, incense, and essential oils so you can fully relax. Right?
And you have to make time in your home routine (the hardest part for everyone).

We’ve all been there...people that have been practicing yoga for years still struggle with very similar things. So, it’s important for you to remember that you are not alone!

There’s a few things you should know before trying that first YouTube video at home.

Starting Yoga at Home.jpg

I put together a list of things to do that will help you start off on the right foot (not literally!)

1. Your first step is to find clarity. What you want from doing yoga?

Some examples may be…to touch your toes again, improve your posture, suffer less from back pain. You can also use yoga to de-stress, set aside more time for yourself, or be more present in your life. What is your main reason?

2. Why do you want those things? What are the whys to back up your whats

This can often be personal. For example, many people spend so much of their time and energy getting things done and taking care of everyone else that they lose sight of themselves. Does that sound familiar? If not, why do you want it?

Getting clarity will do a few things…

  • You’ll be able to reach your goals a lot faster.

  • There are lots of different styles of yoga. When you know what you want out of your yoga practice, finding the right style for you will be a lot easier. Set up a chat so we can talk all about what style is best for you.

  • When you are unmotivated to roll out your yoga mat… think back to what you want and why you want that. You’ll naturally re-motivate yourself.


3. Look at your schedule honestly and figure out when you are going to make time for doing yoga at home.

You’ll want to think about how long and how often you want to do yoga at home. Also, think about what you can spend less time doing to replace with yoga. Some examples are being on social media or watching TV. (FYI you don’t need to cut those things out completely, you’re just shifting things around)

Next, add it in your calendar. This is so important! Do you want to do yoga every Thursday at 5pm for 30 minutes? Awesome. Add it in your calendar and tell everyone you know. Practice with me on Facebook Live every Thursday at 5pm.

4. Ask a friend to be your yoga buddy.

A yoga buddy will help both of you stay motivated to practice at home as frequently as you both decide on. (Psst, I can be your yoga buddy!)

Yoga Buddy.jpg

5. Create a space to practice yoga at home.

  • Your yoga mat is a place that represents all that hard work and growth you’re doing. So find a mat and if possible keep it rolled out in one area of your place.

  • If you need to, tell your housemates that you’d like to spend some time doing yoga and you need some quiet alone time. Respect!

  • It’s also good to have yoga props in your space. They are very helpful for exploring your body whether you are new or have practiced yoga for years. But you don’t need to buy a bunch of stuff…you can use books, scarfs, belts, pillows, and blankets you already have. (Keep an eye out for an entire post about props you already have at home!)

6. Realize you don’t need to move your body in an hour long class that increases your heart rate and sweat a ton to benefit from it.

You will even benefit from it just by quietly sitting on your mat for a few minutes (because that’s yoga!)

Practicing yoga is all about self-exploration & finding out what feels good/right to you. Not what you look like. You are exploring many different things… your physical capability, breath, thoughts, and more.


7. So….what do you actually do?

Well, you’ve already done it. You’ve gotten to know your what and why, made an intention, and created a space for you. But the yoga you know of is the physical yoga practice. So my advice to you so you can start moving your body is…

  • Watch an online yoga video. There a tons of great ones out there. However, a lot of the time, you are so focused on following the video that you don’t relax, so be aware of that.

  • Research poses for the specific reason you want out of yoga, and explore them at home

  • Free movement: lay on your mat and identify where you have any pain or tension in your body. Those are the areas you’ll want to focus on. You can move in any way that your body wants to. You should set up a chat with me so we can talk all about how you can do that.

8. Come back to your breath — especially when you’re doing yoga at home.

When you are stiff and tight, you will hold your breath and when you’re practicing yoga at home, you may not have someone reminding you to breathe. However, your breath is what relaxes the body and allows the muscles to ‘remember’ the stretch.

9. Remember it’s a practice!

In this post a lot I used the word practice 9 times (10 now!). There’s no such thing as being bad or good at yoga and you will start to see the benefits of it when you breathe deep, relax, treat yourself with lots of love, and continue practicing.



After you’ve read this post, I’d love to hear from you. What are your whats and whys?

What do you want to get from practicing yoga and why do you want it? Let me know below in the comments below.

And be sure to share this with your future yoga buddies. They’ll thank you for it!