You'll be ready to do yoga at home after reading these nine steps

You want to touch your toes, move better throughout the day, and feel so strong that you can’t help checking yourself out in the mirror. You also want to be more level-headed and relaxed while stuck in traffic or when your partner inevitably loads the dishwasher wrong. And you want to do yoga at home. So you can get better before you step foot in a public yoga class.

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Anxious and Disconnected? Your Answer May Be Here

Honestly, I don’t remember much about my childhood. I just remember being a big ball of non-stop anxiety and anger. I didn’t fit in anywhere or with anyone. Everything I did and said was wrong. I didn’t think anyone knew me or loved me. And I was extremely lonely. I believed something was really, really wrong with me.

So there I was, making a life changing decision at 17 years old…

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