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My Story


I was only 18 years old when I hit my bottom.

I was working and studying so much that a friend had to drag me to the hospital because I was so sick. Then, I was broken up with. I was miserable and alone. I didn’t know how to feel better. Until a friend brought me to a yoga class. It sucked because I didn’t know how to do it but I kept going back because I felt good. I developed a regular practice where I became addicted to feeling that good and I wanted to be the best at yoga in the world. For a couple years, I did what every teacher told me to do with my body to get the perfect pose. Until I hurt myself, and I couldn’t do yoga physically anymore.

That’s when I realized yoga was more than just a physical practice. 

I realized how much I had changed and healed in my mind and body. Then it spread into my relationships, work, and rest of my life. Naturally, I wanted to share this with others who want to heal and change their lives. In 2015, I completed a Level I Reiki training. Then went to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to get certified as a 200-HR Yoga Teacher. In 2018, I completed a Level II Reiki training. And I attended countless other workshops, mentorships, and trainings. I tried so many different tools and methods of healing over the years that have led me to today.

I created Becca Rich Wellness so I can help people develop a regular yoga & meditation practice that is functional for their body and healing for their minds.


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Becca has the brightest, most beautiful personality, and she brings that energy and benevolence to all that she does. It’s always a joy to be in her presence, and to follow her lead in movement and intention!

It’s time to create greater diversity and inclusiveness.


The way yoga is taught has become a reason for lack of diversity in the practice. Yoga is focused on slender, athletic, and flexible people.

That’s unrepresentative of what I believe yoga is about.

The need to include and honor greater variety of race, age, gender, body type, is necessary. 

That’s why I am committed to donating a percentage of proceeds to organizations focused on creating more diversity and inclusiveness in our world. And personally strive to teach a type of yoga that celebrates every person, every body, and every soul.

Please consider donating to the Project Peaceful Warriors or Kirtan Wallah Foundation.