About Me


My professional interest in connection, healing, and yoga and started in 2015 when I completed a Level I Usui Reiki training.

In 2017, I went to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to get certified as a 200-HR Yoga Teacher. My teacher training featured a Hatha-based style of yoga which influences how I teach to this day.

Over the past two years, I have taught over 250 hours of yoga at Yoga and You Anywhere & Balance Yoga and Wellness studios in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ve also taught local yoga events in New Orleans, senior assisted living centers, and many private sessions. I also recently hosted my first weekend yoga retreat.

In October 2018, I was a featured guest teacher in Tulum, Mexico. That year, I also completed a Level II Usui Reiki training, Integrated Movement Education with Detour Method Online, a Therapeutic Hands-On Adjustments training with Bea Doyle, and Art of Alignment Mentorship with Mikhayla Anderson.

Learning is one of my favorite things in the world and I proudly call myself a student of life and yoga.


I virtually coach people, around the world, who
want to be healthy and take care of business.


My Story

I tried to be “healthy” for so long.

Until a major wake up call happened. I got really sick and experienced major relationship troubles. I needed to change pretty much everything I was doing, but I didn’t know where to start. The first thing I could think of was to start exercising. So even though I despised the gym, I forced myself to go and I ended up in a yoga class. It wasn’t pleasant. At all.

I had no confidence in my body, or myself, and I was so clumsy.

However, after taking a few classes, I felt a little better…lighter… and I kept going back because I wanted to keep feeling that good. On my yoga mat, I could forget about everything else going on in my life. But as I blindly followed what the teacher told me to do with my body, my wrists started hurting… then my shoulder, and then my hip. When my physical body couldn’t do yoga, other parts of my life started to suffer. It was clear that yoga was more than just an exercise.

Yoga showed me how to focus my mind and get to know myself, underneath all of my stress and anger.

Yoga showed me that I didn’t have to be stressed out anymore. I discovered that I wasn’t successful at changing my health because I was trying to do so with force, not love.

Today, I teach people how to quiet their busy mind, explore and check in with their real self, and fall in love with themselves. Because when you love yourself, you can change anything you want.

Are you ready to figure out who you are and what you need?

Becca has the brightest, most beautiful personality, and she brings that energy and benevolence to all that she does. It’s always a joy to be in her presence, and to follow her lead in movement and intention!

It’s time to create greater diversity and inclusiveness in yoga.


The way yoga is taught has become a reason for lack of diversity in the practice. Yoga is focused on slender, athletic, and flexible people.

That’s unrepresentative of what I believe yoga is about.

The need to include and honor greater variety of race, age, gender, body type, is necessary. 

That’s why I am committed to donating a percentage of proceeds to organizations focused on creating more diversity and inclusiveness in our world. And personally strive to teach a type of yoga that celebrates every person, every body, and every soul.

Please consider donating to the Project Peaceful Warriors or Kirtan Wallah Foundation.