Wellness Coach For Entrepreneurs

I help women find calm in their busy + stressful lives.


Discover how easy it can be to add
yoga into your life, without
the guilt or perfectionism.


You wish you could practice yoga & meditate regularly.


When you do yoga or meditate, it’s a lot easier to…

…forget about negativity, overwhelm, and stress,

…feel good in your body and to take big breaths, and

…calm that hectic mind to finally feel balanced.

But it’s stressful trying to find the time in your busy schedule. It’s your personal catch-22 of the century!


I’m here to help you kick old habits and finally find
the time in your life to do yoga & meditate.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel better?

(Silly question, but seriously!)

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Hey, I’m Becca!

I'm a yoga teacher and coach. I help busy women be more patient + present by creating time in their schedule to build a regular yoga practice.

Everything changed for me when I started doing yoga consistently. My stress fell away, I was more productive yet less exhausted, and I felt more aligned in my body and mind. I want that for you, too!


Clients say


I have a hectic lifestyle with three kids, four dogs, jobs, and starting a business. Being constantly interrupted, I’ve been struggling with focus and energy. With just a few techniques she was able to ground me in my chaos, calm my anxiety, and show me how to focus on the tasks at hand and being in the present moment. I’ve also been severely out of alignment with my true self and have been desperately searching for my passion and purpose. Her techniques helped me find the clarity I’ve been searching for and I’m finally finding my center.
— Amy, California
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Cant’ find the time to
practice yoga regularly?

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