Yoga for the exhausted, inflexible, and unfit.


Stress-free yoga made for you to fall in love with yourself


You want to…

start feeling good in your body and move well

make time for the things that make you feel alive

be able to see the progress in your body and mind

and find something that meets you where you are today.



Hey there, I’m Becca Rich

A yoga practice can be a lot, especially when you’re just starting out. You may feel like yoga just isn’t for you. And you have absolutely every reason to feel that way.

But you deserve to live pain-free, relaxed, and connected to yourself. And that’s what yoga can do for you.

As a yoga teacher and coach, I devote my time and energy on teaching people like you. And I’m really excited to be on this journey with you. Continue Reading

I had the pleasure of attending my very first yoga class, instructed by Becca Rich! With much trepidation, having no experience with yoga, I had no idea what to expect. To my joy and surprise, after spending a full hour doing poses (I think that’s what they are called 😉) my body was taken on a physically amazing journey of stretches, movements, thoughtful reflections and some deep breathing exercises to complete the program. Albiet a bit challenging for my first time, Becca chose many welcoming, physically doable poses so my intimidation level was immediately put at ease....
— Theresa, Maryland
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It’s time to create greater diversity
and inclusiveness in yoga


The way yoga is taught has become a reason for lack of diversity in the practice. Yoga is focused on slender, athletic, and flexible people.

That’s unrepresentative of what I believe yoga is about.

The need to include and honor greater variety of race, age, gender, body type, and fitness level is real. 

That’s why I am committed to donating a percentage of proceeds to organizations focused on creating more diversity and inclusiveness in our world. And personally strive to teach a type of yoga that celebrates every person, every body, and every soul.

Please consider donating to the Jai Bhakti Yoga Foundation, Project Peaceful Warriors, or Kirtan Wallah Foundation.